Monday, January 7, 2008

I Found It!

This deserves it's own post! I found our dvd remote! My friend Amy had found hers a couple of months ago and I made the comment that I still couldn't find our remote. Ours had been missing since we went on vacation at the end of July. Now, here is the kicker- I found it in our couch cushion wedged between two metal parts. I happened to be looking for our tv remote at the time and just stuck my hand down the crack. The plastic felt like metal but I double checked and realized what I found. I KNOW I have looked there before! I probably just thought it was part of the couch that I was feeling. I'm so glad to be able to check out the bonus features on the movies. Ah, the simple pleasures............

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Our New Year

Hello everyone! I haven't posted for such a long time because of family changes and the holidays. We have welcomed Ryan's sister to live with us and turned our front room into a bedroom with a temporary wall and door. We drove to Washington State to pick her up and move her. She is going through some tough times and we hope we can help her. Needless to say our spare time is non-existent right now and we could use extra prayers. I did get some pretty photos of our quick trip to Washington, but I have no desire to even hook up the camera to the computer to retrieve them. Maybe when things settle down. Here is a quick picture of our front room before we turned it into a bedroom. Ryan did a great job with the new "temporary" wall and door and it seems like it was always there!

This is looking out of the front room into the entry-way. The front door is on the left, near the piano. The stairs lead to the second floor which has three bedrooms. The door under the stairs leads to the basement that is partially finished but full of storage and Ryan's part-time business. Turning the front room into a bedroom was our best economical option for a short period of time. If Ryan's sister decides to stay with us permanently, we will look into adding on a separate room/mini apartment.