Thursday, July 31, 2008

Amy's Meme

Besides your family, what is your most prized possession? My house. If you were on death row, what would your last meal be? A deep dish canadian bacon and pinapple pizza with some sort of vanilla ice cream with chocolate, peanuts and wafflecone. At a party, would you be hiding in the corner or hanging out at the punch bowl talking it up? And, what food item would your bring to the party? I am usually around the punch bowl yaking about anything and everything. I like to bring chips and/or pop if it is a casual party. Rootbeer and Sun Chips are a couple of my favorites. If it is a fancier party I like to make a dessert such as pumpkin pie during the holidays or Linda's Delight which has a layer of crust, a layer cream cheese and whipped cream and another layer of chocolate pudding. It is topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with walnuts. Just heavenly! What is the most "girly" thing about you? I never leave home without makeup on. Unless it was like last week when I forgot that I didn't have any on when we arrived at Toys-R-Us. I look like a ghost without it! What is your favorite piece of furniture in your home? It's a toss up between my big dining room table and my antique piano. The piano is a diamond in the rough that needs to be restored. It is extreemly heavy since it is an upright made in the 1800's. It has a big brass soundboard in the back and it takes about 4 strong men to lift it. It has never been tuned since we moved from California to Utah 7 years ago. The dining table is huge and can seat ten people around it when the two leaves are in. We use it to play games on, the kids color and paint on it, we eat our meals at it and we can sit and chat around it when visitors come around. What is most likely to be painted -- your toes or your fingers? My toes- they last several weeks. My fingers are rarely painted since I use them so much that the polish wears off too fast. I would rather have nicely trimmed nails and use my hands a lot, then have nicely painted nails and never do any work. For some odd reason I like to weed with my bare hands and that ruins nail polish! If I was going to buy you a bottle of Bath and Bodyworks lotion, what scent would you want? It's been a while since I've scoped out the different lotions, but I know I like the cucumber mellon scent. Do you like to nap? If so, how often do you get to during the week? I try to get a nap when all of the kids are sleeping. I can sneak in about 1 1/2 hours 4 times a week including Saturday and Sunday. Do you have a place in your house where you "hide"? A place where you can have a long phone conversation with a friend without interruption? Where is your quiet place? If I need a break I can go to my room which is on the second floor and I can lock the door if needed. Most of the time I am downstairs on the main level and I hardly get a break unless Ryan is home. At this point in your life, are you living the life you imagined back when you were in high school/college? My life right now is different than I imagined- some of it good and some not so good. I have more things than I thought I would have such as a big house and large yard. I never imagined having hundreds of snakes in my basement! I never thought I would live in Utah since I was raised in Oregon. I thought my family would all be active in our religion- which Ryan is not but he still believes in it. I thought I would have three kids by the time I was 25. Well, that came and went and I was lucky to have three kids by the time I was 30. That was because of our choosing to not have any more for a while after Tyler and Sydney were born so that we could take care of many other issues that needed attention. I really needed to grow up and become more responsible. I didn't know I would develop Generalized Anxiety or that I had ADD (Inattentive Type) thoughout my life. I think that I've been very surprised at how my life has turned out. I think I'm a much better person for all of the tough things I've endured. Would you ever get plastic surgery? What would you have done? This is a sensitive issue but here is the truth- I would have breast augmentation. I don't know if I would actually do it though. What have you accomplished (besides having children) that you feel most proud of? I guess I am most proud of taking a Certified Nursing Assistant class at an Applied Technology College while I was working part-time doing childcare and pregnant. I finished my clinicals when I was seven-months pregnant. I passed the class with a 97% on my final exam and got high A out of it. I couldn't find the time to study well for the actual state test since I was soooo pregnant and watching a two and four year old. Then, I was having tachycardia but was told it would probably go away after the baby was born. My heart rate then was 120 beats per minute ALL of the time. It was like running a marathon all day long- I was so tired. We figured it was the Strattera but I was unwilling to quit that in order to keep my head on straight to help my marriage. Then Dallin was born 6 weeks early so I couldn't study for the State test. I still have until September to take the exam without having to retake the entire class over again. I am wanting to take it in August.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Weighing In

I have a big problem. Actually, the problem is I'm too big! I can analyze all the different reasons for how I got to be so big- but the main reason is I don't eat in moderation. Now, I can see some of my friends saying oh, no you aren't TOO big. But reality is, for my height, I am overweight. I am 182 lbs now. Before I got pregnant with Dallin I was about 150 lbs. After having him the lowest I dropped to was 155 lbs and then I have been steadily gaining. Now, before you feel too sorry for me, realize I enjoyed all of the food that got me to where I am today. But enough is enough. I've looked at a couple of web sited and found my body mass index. Since I am 5' 6", I am at 29.4 bmi which by itself it borderline for high risk for heart problems. But then you add the fact that I have an apple shaped body (not much waist) and that my waist is about 41", it brings me over the line and into the high risk category. I hate having to divulge my personal problems/secrets but I have learned over the years that I overcome my problems faster and more completely if I FEEL I have to account to someone. Now, that person or group for me is not always the first person MOST people turn too. A long time ago when I was having problems quiting spanking, I took on childcare because I knew that I couldn't lay a hand on other peoples children. When their children did the same things mine did to upset me, I was forced to find another way to discipline the child. I took parenting classes at church as well as Love and Logic classes in order to help me come to grips with my feelings and parent more effectively. BUT, the biggest motivator I'm sad to say was that I felt accountable to the other parents and I didn't want to let them down. Most people would just think about their own kids feelings and their spouses and find the motivation to change right there. I had to find it elsewhere and in a manner that would nip the problem in the bud. Nowadays, most people say I'm one of the most patient people they have met and can handle several rowdy kids. Oh, yeah, did I mention that in my journey of self-introspection I went to a counselor and found out after testing that I had Attention Deficit Disorder? This was adding to my inability to create order in my household and parent in an effective manner. Once I started medicine (Strattera) and added the classes and focused on changing, I became a much better parent- and more patient. My reasons for sharing this last experience was to show one way I am able to overcome my problems. Now, to apply this to overeating and gaining weight. I know I accomplish my goals better if I feel accountable to someone. I believe that by posting my battle with weight loss, I will be accountable to everyone who reads this! In my typical anxious manner, I would totally dread what all of you are thinking about me, but I'm ahead of the ball-game since I take medicine for anxiety. Otherwise I would never be posting such personal information!!!! A couple of other issues I'm dealing with is already possible heart problems since the medicine I take for ADD causes me tachycardia (fast heart rate) if I take too much of it. My doctor and the research I've done say that I am at risk for this no matter what medicine such as Ritalin, Concerta etc. that I take. It's just how my body reacts to these medicines. I've lowered my dosage to a low 40 mg with my doctors advice. If I develop anymore problems, I may have to go off of it completely. That leaves my ADD unchecked and I have to rely on other methods to help me there. Believe me, that is a big bear that I don't want to face. But heart problems are worse and when you add my weight and body type to it, I have a high risk. The other problem I need to stave off is diabetes. It runs in my family. It can kill. It can cause blindness. It can cause major circulatory problems that lead to amputations of limbs. I've seen a very elderly man whose arms and legs were all amputated due to diabetes. That is not the life I want look forward to as I age. I've worked in nursing homes and seen many problems yet that is not my best motivator- being accountable to someone is. Here is a list of the things that I have that to get me started on losing weight. Mainly I am listing this to show you that I have the major purchases that keep others from exercising, but have lacked the ability to stick to an exercise plan.

  • weights - (2) 5lbs dumbbells and (2) 2 lbs dumbbells
  • Newer walking shoes that have good support
  • clothes to workout in
  • DVD's - (2) Pilate's and (1) fat-burning dance mix
  • a punch pass to our local aquatic/workout center
  • a yoga mat

Now, I have no excuses about not having time to workout since the earliest a daycare child comes is now 9:15 am. As of yesterday, I don't have the two-year old that comes at 7:30 am.

I know I'm leaving out the food issue and focusing on exercising. Any suggestions on this issue? A food journal is the best thing to do but I dread doing that. Especially since I snack a little all day long. My mom has a good computer program that calculates the daily calories that a person should eat. Mine was only 1300! I eat way more than that hence all of the extra weight. Well, I need to go now and focus on my kids for a while. I hope someone will join me in this weight loss crusade!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Frontier Pies for Breakfast

Frontier Pies in Rexburg is our traditional place to eat breakfast when we visit any student of BYU-Idaho in our family. We love the great food, the interesting decor and, of course, the delightful company. We ate here before going back to the Hotel to pack up to go home. We recomend it to anyone who visits Rexburg.

Tyler posed with this drunken man that is on display around the side of the restaurant. He has been a fixture for at least a couple of years.

This last one is of Kendra about 7 1/2 months pregnant. Doesn't she look great! That's the end of my pictures from Idaho! I hope everyone enjoys them!

What's wrong with this photo?

What are they laughing at?
Oh, You made us sit through graduation for that?
J.K.~ Julie
His real diploma is in the mail!! Playing with the photos is one joy of being the photographer. LOL

Pictures after graduation

The sun was setting as we got the family pictures done. This is my current best editing job at brightening up these photos. Hope you like them Rob and Kendra!
You are loved by many Rob! Congratulations!

Watching Rob graduate!

It was very hot during the ceremony and as you can see, they were all a little flushed. Sydney was blowing on Dallin to cool him off. Ahh, what won't we do for family?
Sandy (Kendra's mom), Kendra and Alyssa. What a proud moment as they wait for Rob to be DONE!!!

After Rob got his "diploma" I went down and snapped this picture during the ceremony. Doesn't he look so excited?!!

After the ceremony they walked the graduates outside. We were all still in the building but I got this picture through the glass. We were all waving back at him.

Congratulations Rob!!!! Way to go!!!!

Waiting before Rob walks.....

The oldest four cousins- Tyler, Sydney, McKenzie and Morgan.
The current youngest three cousins- Dallin, Malia and Alyssa.

Micah was having a difficult time and so he wanted to stay in time-out. I thought this was a cute picture though. Three/four-year olds!! They want to be in charge even if what they want is not the best!

McKenzie looked so grown up in this picture!

Katie and I watched the cousins while Grandma, Grandpa, Rob, Kendra, her mom Sandy, Kristi and Randy went to the Dinner and Commencement Ceremony. Then, Katie and I drove the eight cousins to the campus and joined them all for the Convocation which is when Rob got to "walk" up on stage to get his "diploma". Rob had actually taken a final earlier that morning so he has to get the results to see if he passed before he gets his real diploma in the mail. Pictures of Rob graduating are coming next! Tips for those attending the graduation in summer- bring water because the John W. Hart Main Auditorium is not air conditioned. There was a big line for the juice machine. They are building another auditorium but I'm not sure if it will be finished by next summer.

Rexburg Temple at Sunset

As awful as it is, the California fires smoke was drifting through the valley and provided the right atmosphere for some beautiful sunsets. One man's misfortune can sometimes be another man's fortune!

The picture on top is the natural colors taken. The next photo I enhanced with the saturation option on my editing program. Which do you like better?

These were some of my favorite pictures that I took that were not of family. The next couple of posts will be dedicated to Rob's graduation and the things we did while visiting with them.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Rexburg Temple in Daylight

I am excited to bring you some photos of the Rexburg, Idaho Temple. All of our Temples are special places of worship for those who attend The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Each one is dedicated as a House of God where one can go to feel His presence and receive instruction for their daily lives. It is a place of peace where you can escape the pressures of the world and focus on eternal things. Cell phones are turned off and we talk in soft tones- no loud laughter is heard here. Each piece of furnishing from the art work to the seating, from the wood work to the ceiling is finely crafted and inspired in order to draw our attention to God and the gifts he has given us. I once had one of the temple decorators in my ward in Utah. His job was to travel to the temples being built and carefully choose the furnishings for each one he was assigned too. He was a young, humble family man that wasn't flamboyant in his speech or dress. You would never think by looking at him that his job was of such an important nature. To decorate a House of God would be the ultimate interior decorating experience. We can each make our homes a place where God would be welcome. It will be as close to decorating a temple that I will get in this life! I hope you enjoy seeing these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. It seemed the temple was just basking in the summer sun and wanting to be captured in photos! I have some awesome sunset photos that I took a day later. I can't wait to show those!

For those of you missing Idaho...

Here's to you!
Devils Creek Reservoir
**My photos are not copyrighted and you can feel free to add them to your desktop and use them as a background if you want. I am going to do that with this next picture.** It is a little hazy from the smoke from the California fires that was drifting north-east. Tyler took the first picture of the reservoir while we were traveling at 75 miles and hour. He was my co-pilot since Ryan stayed home in order to work. What a huge difference a good camera makes! Tyler had the window rolled down and me telling him to keep the camera inside of the van just in case he dropped it! The second picture and third picture I'm not sure if he or I took. I had the window rolled down since it was filthy. Tyler tried to take some with the window rolled up but they obviously didn't turn out. On the second and third shots we were trying to capture the beautiful rays of sun shinning down on the farm fields. They were gorgeous! These pictures were taken on our way to Rexburg, Idaho. In the next couple of days I hope to post more pictures of our travels and happenings in Rexburg.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Union Station in Ogden, Utah

While we were at the art show for Katherine, (see previous post) I was able to take some pictures of the outside of Union Station and the kids playing on the trains. I love these next three shots!
I just love the old mission style of this building. There are so many little architectural things built into it. Also, there are little mosiacs on the walls around the sides.

This pretty fountain is in the middle of the cobblestone walkway.

Katherine's art show in Ogden

Katherine invited our family to go to an art show in Ogden that was put on by the Palette Club of Ogden. It was being held in the Union Station which is where many train tracks converge. It is a historical building and houses a few different museums such as one for rocks, gems and precious stones and another museum for the Browning Gun Company that shows many different types of guns. One other museum housed there is for old cars and license plates. Outside there are many different historical trains that you can look at. For this post I am mainly focusing on Katherine and her gorgeous paintings that she entered into the art show. It was the first art show that I have been to.
Katherine and her beautiful paintings.

Here are some of the other paintings that were shown. She didn't feel that her paintings fit into the show very well since she uses so much color in her paintings. She said that if she entered them in another part of the country such as Florida or California, they would fit in better since the artists in those places aren't afraid to use bright colors. They definitely are different than any of the other ones, but they are beautiful!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Posting just for the sake of posting....

I am getting close to my hundredth post and I will be gone for a couple of days, so here is some pics I took a few days ago of Dallin. Hope you enjoy!