Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ogden, Utah

Yesterday, I needed to go to Ogden to return some books to the Weber State University Child Care Resource and Referral Lending Library. They loan out books and teach classes for State Licenced Child Care Providers. I packed my kids in the van after the daycare kids had left and headed to Ogden. It was about 4 pm in the afternoon and the sky was gorgeous! We had lived for a short time in Ogden and so I know my way around it. Since it was so pretty outside and I had the presence of mind to bring the camera, I decided to get some shots of Ogden. The first one is of Ogden High School. I know it looks like a cross between a University and a Temple. It is one of the oldest buildings around here and has been in a couple of movies because of its beautiful architecture. When I got out of my van to take the picture, I noticed a guy getting out of his car with his camera and stopping to take a picture of the building as well! It really is a beautiful building and the picture doesn't do it justice.

Ogden is cradled by mountains on its east side. Some of the rock has a pinkish reddish hue to it.

One of the local hang outs is this Old Fashioned ice cream shop. It is located on 20 th street and the ice cream is made next door in a brick building. Inside, it is filled with memorabilia from years past. This ice cream is also sold in many of the big grocery store chains so it isn't a small operation.

The kids loved the ice cream but since Dallin is allergic to milk, he settled for a huge rice crispy treat.

The ice cream shop is located diagonally across the street from the Ogden Temple. In this picture, a group of young women from Clearfield, Utah are getting treated to ice cream after visiting the temple. As we sat and ate our ice cream, many different people dressed up in Sunday clothes came in to get a cold treat.
This is the view from the window looking south east to the Temple Spire.
We drove through the Temple parking lot to get a closer picture. It was interesting to hear Dallin say "Ohhhhhh" when he saw the temple. He doesn't say that about buildings usually. It must have really caught his eye- or heart!


Heidi said...

You take great pictures Julie. I sure miss those Utah mountains.