Sunday, July 6, 2008

I Didn't Forget This Time!

Fourth of July Madness: We were a little crazy the morning of the fourth. Ryan came into our room as I was just waking up and suggested that we go to Lagoon so that the kids could have a memorable experience since we don't usually do exciting things unless it is free. Never mind that it didn't fit into the budget. We had signed up for "Bounce back" when we were at Lagoon for Ryan's work party. This meant that we could go back to Lagoon for only 8 dollars a ticket! The catch was it had to be used by July 6th- which was a Sunday(today). Saturday's are usually filled with Ryan working in the basement cleaning cages with his workers. Sooooo, to make a long story short- the only day we could do it was the fourth of July. I reluctantly agreed to go but I usually like a couple of days notice before heading into a day of HOT sun and lots of walking. Yeah- I know I'm a wimp. Since Lagoon didn't open until 10 am, we were able to spend a couple of hours cleaning out the garage. If you haven't been to our house recently, the garage had been in disarray since december when we sold some furniture to have Ryan's sister live with us. We used to fit both cars into the garage, but then we could only fit one in when I moved furniture into half of it. Then, more items were hastily thrown into the "storage side" of the garage. When we had Kathrine with us, it was a convinient place to store some of her extra things. To add to the mess, we had picked up many storage shelves from Ryan's work when they were doing remodeling. The company was just throwing them away, so we asked if we could take some. They said we could take all that we wanted. Luckily the shelves were the type that didn't require screws. They were easy to take apart and we ended up with at least 9 big shelves to line the garage and our food storage room with. They are 6 1/2 feet tall and 4 feet long. Even though they were dismantled, they took up a lot of room. Gradually, the mess over took the second half of the garage which led to the need to spend hours cleaning it up and totally reorganizing things. Now, we don't have enough tools to totally line the walls, but Ryan has many bags of wood shavings for the reptiles that take up space. Also, he has to have room for the bags of pellets that the mice eat. These are all specially ordered in huge quantities and have to be stored in the garage. Sometime I will post a picture of it all. The morning of the fourth ended up being a perfect day to go to Lagoon. When we got there, we were surprised at how small the crowds were. It was so nice to have lines that were only 20 minutes long on the popular rollercoaster rides. The picture below was of the train ride around the "Lagoon". Notice the swan and the four little babies on the side.

Tyler and Sydney loved this ride but I have forgotten the name of it!

This next pic is of Tyler and I riding the "Wicked" ride which I read has 4.85 G's of force and is propelled by opposing magnets. It was wicked fun and I only got a teeny bit queasy at the end. In the picture, Tyler and I were sitting in the back with me on the left and Tyler next to me in the middle. The lighting was awful but Ryan managed to get a few pictures.

Waiting for "The Spider".

While us 'big kids' were riding rollercoasters, Dallin occupied himself by checking out the nooks and cranies of the place. Fences are great to play on!

The one ride that I wanted to take Dallin on was the carousel. We had rode on it the last time we came, but we didn't have a picture to preserve the moment! Dallin was silent the whole time on the ride and seemed more scared than anything. He was just too small to put on the kiddie rides by himself this year, so maybe next year we will be spending more time in "Kiddie Land".

This photo doesn't give the situation justice so I will have to explain. Tyler, Sydney and Ryan wanted to ride the Rock O Plane but Tyler knew better than to share a seat with Daddy. Tyler played it safe and rode in his own compartment. His experience on this ride was way conservative compared to the next compartment in which Ryan and Sydney did just about every imaginable postition. This photo is when the ride was coming to a stop and Ryan had the gear in position to hold the compartment upside down. They were upside down until just a couple of seconds before stopping to get off! During the ride, Sydney was loving it but all I could hear was "Daddy Stop!". But Ryan told me that after he would stop, Sydney would ask "Why did you stop"?! So he kept having fun by flipping and rocking the compartment. Syndey was all smiles afterwards so I knew she had fun. She is sitting next to me right now and she wanted me to write about the things she said on the ride!

There is a train that goes around the Lagoon and this is a picture of Dallin's first ride on a train! Notice Sydney holding up her finger to signify this important ride.

This next picture is during the train ride- so it's hard to get a nice photo! This tigers' tummy looked so soft that I wanted to just go up and rub it. Oh well, maybe in the next life Tigers will let us rub there tummies!

This Camel seemed to be smiling for everyone!

Ever been 'mooned' by a bear butt? LOL

Rattlesnake Rapids is the name of this fun, WET ride. Tyler, Sydney and I rode this one and got soaked. Then the kids turned around and rode it again with Ryan. It was sooooo hot and it felt great to get wet!

By the end of the day, we were wore out and wet. I was glad Ryan and I took the kids again. Now we have pics to remember the fun as well as a journal entry! Hope your Fourth of July was memorable for your family- and safe!


Heidi said...

I love going to Lagoon. Looks like you guys hit all the fun rides. Glad it wasn't too crowded, that always makes it even better.