Monday, July 21, 2008

Katherine's art show in Ogden

Katherine invited our family to go to an art show in Ogden that was put on by the Palette Club of Ogden. It was being held in the Union Station which is where many train tracks converge. It is a historical building and houses a few different museums such as one for rocks, gems and precious stones and another museum for the Browning Gun Company that shows many different types of guns. One other museum housed there is for old cars and license plates. Outside there are many different historical trains that you can look at. For this post I am mainly focusing on Katherine and her gorgeous paintings that she entered into the art show. It was the first art show that I have been to.
Katherine and her beautiful paintings.

Here are some of the other paintings that were shown. She didn't feel that her paintings fit into the show very well since she uses so much color in her paintings. She said that if she entered them in another part of the country such as Florida or California, they would fit in better since the artists in those places aren't afraid to use bright colors. They definitely are different than any of the other ones, but they are beautiful!