Friday, July 25, 2008

For those of you missing Idaho...

Here's to you!
Devils Creek Reservoir
**My photos are not copyrighted and you can feel free to add them to your desktop and use them as a background if you want. I am going to do that with this next picture.** It is a little hazy from the smoke from the California fires that was drifting north-east. Tyler took the first picture of the reservoir while we were traveling at 75 miles and hour. He was my co-pilot since Ryan stayed home in order to work. What a huge difference a good camera makes! Tyler had the window rolled down and me telling him to keep the camera inside of the van just in case he dropped it! The second picture and third picture I'm not sure if he or I took. I had the window rolled down since it was filthy. Tyler tried to take some with the window rolled up but they obviously didn't turn out. On the second and third shots we were trying to capture the beautiful rays of sun shinning down on the farm fields. They were gorgeous! These pictures were taken on our way to Rexburg, Idaho. In the next couple of days I hope to post more pictures of our travels and happenings in Rexburg.