Saturday, May 30, 2009

Good News About My Parents

My Dad finally got a job after nine long months without one! He is technically working for a temp. agency, but the position is his pretty soon. He works for H.C. Brill which is a food company that makes frostings, cookie dough and other things for sale in the bakery departments at stores such as Albertsons, Target and they even make the frostings for Krispy Kreme. My Dad is in the quality assurance department and also makes sure the lines are running that make the food. He gets the lucky job of every so often taking test bites of the cookies that come off the line. That ensures the dough is made correctly. He only takes one bite of a cookie so he isn't getting that many calories. It's a lot of walking and being on his feet all day so he is getting adjusted to that.

*Note- this picture of the front of my parents house was taken in Decmeber. The trees are now leafy and beautiful. It is in West Point, UT.

The second exciting thing for my parents is that they were able to close on the house that they had been renting since moving to Utah in December. The loan companies wanted my Dad to have a job even though they were putting a sizable portion of the morgage down. Now that he has one, they were given the go ahead to close! It was just in time too because the previous owners were needing to have my parents buy the house by the end of May or they would make my parents move out. The previous home owners were having some finanial difficulties themselves so they needed to set the date for my parents to buy or move out. Now, everything is fine and my Mom is getting to work painting the dark purple and spring green room that was a little girls room. They are making it into an office for my Mom's personal history business. She is wanting to have neutral colors in there and has been dying to paint over the bright spring green wainscoting and purple walls AND ceiling. The picture above is the previous owners furnature. Right now my parents have office furnature in it.

We are all so happy for my parents and are looking forward to spending more time with them. They surprised my siblings and our families with season passes to Lagoon this year. The passes are for our birthdays this year and so we are very excited to spend time together riding the roller coasters and hanging out at Lagoon-A-Beach. Here's to ending a busy year-and-a-half of change for my family!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

So That's Where it Went

I have managed to lose 11.5 lbs since I had surgery on my tonsils and my nose on May 15th. I have a whole post dedicated to this awful experience but I just had to share this cute story that happened to me today at work. It was the first day in about 2 weeks that I had been to work since the surgery. I was helping my client and asked her to roll towards me in her bed. She has no railing on that side, so she usually holds onto me in order to complete the roll.

She said to me " You really have lost weight, there isn't as much for me to hold onto" as she patted my butt.

We burst out laughing!! I just figured I had lost a little all over but I could see the most difference in my face. I didn't realize that I my butt is where I had lost so much of the weight. :D

Friday, May 22, 2009

Work and School

Wow, I am way behind in posting! There is so much to write about that I will just give a brief overview of the things that have been happening in our family. I have been working part-time for 5 months now and I love my job. My clients love me and totally appreciate the work I do for them. One of my clients wants to hire me to come and give her bed-baths if she ever goes home from the assisted living faciltiy. She says my baths are like massages and she had never had such a refreshing thing as a bed-bath before. Most people don't have to have one unless they spend a long time in the hospital or nursing facilities. It's amazing how warm water, wash cloths, soap and a little scubbing can make a person feel so much better!

I also check vital signs as part of my routine and I've gotten pretty good at it. I'm not as scared as I used to be about taking someones blood pressure. I used to find it hard to be so close to a stranger in order to get their blood pressure but now it is not so hard. But I haven't had to take a reading on a cute guy stranger so that may seem unnerving at first.

One of the people I work with is a Nurse and she is like a mentor to me. If I have any questions, I can always count on her to give me the answer I need and she respects all questions that I ask, whether big or small. She gave me the confidence to apply to Weber State University in order to start working towards becoming a Nurse. She thinks I will make a good one. I only hope so!

I applied to WSU and crossed my fingers becuase I had never applied to a university before. I was so happy when I opened my acceptance letter! One major goal for myself can be checked off my list! Next, I began applying for financial aid. I also applied for a scholarship that is given to non-traditional students going back to school. I won't find out about financial aid and scholarships that I will get until after the semester starts. We'll see how it goes. I'm figuring out how to make the system work for me. We have some money in Savings and the federal system thinks that is what you should use to pay for education. Never mind the fact that we are trying to be self-reliant and saving that money in case of emergencies. We will need to put that in IRA's or something in order to be eligible for pell grants. The same goes for stocks- they are assets and will make you unable to get grants. It doesn't matter if you have a lot of debt like we do for a second business. You can't have too many assets or you are penalized. IRA's are not counted as an asset. You could have a million dollars in that and still be able to get pell grants if your income wasn't too much.

If a person lost their job, they could go to school and get quite a bit of financial help- especially if they go to school full-time. Since I'm going to school part-time right now, I'm not eligible for a lot of scholarships. I may go to school full-time in the fall if we can afford not having my part-time income. We'll have to figure out the numbers soon since I need to apply for financial aid for fall soon. When I apply, I need to know if I will be going full-time or not. This summer is considered part of the '08-'09 school year and required different forms than the '09-'10 school year that starts in the fall.

I'm sorry if all of this is boring to those of you who are through with their degrees. It is quite a different experience for me to be navigating this arena as an adult over age 30 with children. I hope that by sharing my experience, I can make it easier for others who want to go back to school.

A couple of weeks ago I went to orientation and I was surprised at how many adult students there were. Especially in the Health Science Department which is what I'm going into. I am not positive that I will be going into Nursing, but I know that working in the health sciences is what I want to do. I am working towards getting an Associate of Science in Health Sciences right now. That will cover all pre-requisites for Nursing as well as other good to know and easy to transfer credits for other programs like Respiratory Therapy and Radiology. The two previous programs I mentioned are interesting to me as well. Radiology is always on the cutting edge of health science and respiratory therapy is needed for those who have asthma, emphysima and other lung realted disorders/diseases. Respiratory therapy can be done as part of home health services which makes the hours flexible.

I have registered for classes and taken the placement tests. I was very nervous about my math placement test but luckily someone recomended going to the site and spending three or more hours on that to brush up on math skills. That was great advice! It really helped me and probably saved me $600 or more on a math class. I placed in math 1010 which is Intermediate Algebra. Not bad for not having a math class for 15 years or more! Once again, going to really saved me money by helping me place into a higher math class.

New update- since I first started writing this post a couple of weeks ago, I've already been to my math class and I'm surprised at how well I'm doing so far. Homework takes forever for me, but I suspect it will speed up once I get the hang of it again. I haven't had to sit and write using paper for so long now, that it's weird doing equations in pencil and paper. Tyler caught me doing homework the other day and he asked me if I need any help. He is a natural when it comes to math and he will most likely be going into Algebra next year- skipping Pre-Algebra. Then he asked me why I was doing my homework in pencil (doesn't everybody do math homework in pencil?) I said told him that I make too many mistakes so I have to go back and erase it. Tyler said he can do his homework in pen because he doesn't make many mistakes! ARGHH! I would love to have his natural abilities with math. He takes after his dad in that area. I have another subject to write about on this blog so I need to end this post. Hope you have learned something from my little journey back to school. Take care!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Skidboot the Famous Dog

I received this video in an email from my Father-in-law Richard. Anyone who loves animals, dogs, Texas, or humble cowboys outta love this video. Enjoy!