Monday, March 31, 2008


Okay, this is for all of the family that we were with this past weekend when Dallin threw up. IT WAS NOT JUST THE 24 HOUR FLU BUG. This is not fun. Fortunatly, we've been through this before when Tyler was three-years old and Sydney was about 12 months old. Also, we had a bout of it about a year ago. Well, it involves the big "D" word and the "V" word. No more gory details are neccessary. The main problem with this bug is the high risk of dehydration and that it lasts forever! It takes 4-5 days to get over the disgusting part. The other hard part for Dallin is that 3 weeks ago he had pnuemonia and lost a lot of weight because of it. The doctor said he would be suseptible to other illnesses since his immune system was down. These are just a couple of reasons why my blog site has been neglected recently. I hope to catch up on posting some pictures that are waiting. Hope your day is better than mine!


So Many M's said...

Oh goody, poor kid, he just can't get a break can he. Broken arm, pneumonia, now this. We'll keep him in our prayers and pray that we don't get it to. love ya KT