Sunday, February 3, 2008

A couple of days after Christmas we needed to make an unplanned trip to Richland, Washington to pick up Ryan's sister Kathryn and move her back to our house. She had planned on driving herself in the moving van and with the help of her ward, she was going to pack everything up despite having total knee replacement five weeks earlier. Well, she got ill and Ryan, Sydney, Dallin and I drove to Washington to help her move. These are some of my favorite pictures on the way to Washington.

Here is our front entryway with the temporary wall and door that Ryan constructed to close off the front room so Kathryn could have her own room. She is a painter/artist and so we have been privledged to she her in action in her room/studio. She also can play the piano and brought her electric keyboard. I will post a couple pictures of Dallin playing it in a later post.