Tuesday, April 15, 2008


The A-Z's of me...... A- advocate for: the physically and/or mentally handicapped/ill. I've worked with people of all ages, male and female, through mostly volunteer work. I'm drawn to these people and/or Heavenly Father places them in my life for some greater purpose. Sorry- don't mean to start of this list on a totally intellectual note- I'll loosen up in a second :) B- best feature: my hands, I was once told I could model my hands, but I'm sure that now they are too dry, wrinkled etc. C- Could do without: People who judge harshly others that are different from themselves D- Dreams and Desires: To make a difference in the world, to be loved, and accomplish all that I'm supposed to do. E- Essential items: I'm a milk chocolate fan but I can eat dark choclate if there's no milk chocolate in the house. Hairspray- can't go a day without it! Also, eyeliner if I am leaving the house. F- Favorite pastime: Being on the computer doing various things such as blogging, reading email, checking out the classified adds on ksl.com. Shopping is fun for me IF I have money to spend. G- Good at: finding bargains. H- Have never tried: It's sad but true- I've never downhill skied. I ONCE cross country skied and if you saw that you would thank your lucky stars you've never met me on the slopes. I- If I had a million dollars: it would be spent in a second is what my husband would say. Seriously, I would go on a cruise, visit Hawaii, pay off the house, save the rest for retirement since you need more than a million to retire comfortably. Believe me, I've been in the nursing homes and I wouldn't want to stay in those. Assisted living is the way to go and they are more expensive! J- Junkie for: food, food, food and pizza, chocolate, icecream and Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. K- Kindred spirit: My big younger brother Randy. He looks out for me. 'Nuff said. L- Little known fact: I was inspired to write a song for a cousin while her husband was passing away of liver failure. I wrote the lyrics and the melody and had my other cousin Kathy compose the piano music. From the time I received the vision and part of the melody, until we had a finished copy of music was two weeks! My cousins husband passed the day Kathy brought me the finished music. She had used a program at Weber State University where you play the music and it prints out the music in sheet form. The song is called "Thou Gavest Me". I have received more ideas for songs but I haven't got nearly as far on them as the first one. M-Memorable moment: When I got an answer to a prayer in high school. It was the first time I really knew God listened to me and knew my needs and it changed the course of my entire life. N-Never again will I: This one is hard for me because I tend to repeat my mistakes- even if it is several years later. Aha- buy from an infomercial without consulting my husband first! O-Occasional Indulgence: Okay- here is one of my bad indulgences- sometimes I will buy the magazine "People" and read it from cover to cover. I know it is full of garbage, but I enjoy keeping up with some of the celebrities especially the ones that just had babies. P-Profession: Daycare provider, Mother, Wife, Sister, Daughter

Q-Quote: Have an attitude of gratitiude

R-Reason to smile: When I see my kids having fun, making a funny comment, learning something new, choosing the right.

S-Sorry about: Not being a better housekeeper

T-Tag some friends: I tag anyone who reads this and feels up to doing it themselves.

U-Uninterested in: Hurtful gossip

V-Very scared of: Dying in a fire-being burned to death.

W-Worst habit: Eating when I am nervous, anxious etc.

X-X marks my ideal vacation spot: Anywhere with lots of family, that is near water to play in.

Y-Y did I do this: Katie (my fun SIL) tagged me

Z-Zodiak sign: Scorpio


tuckerfam said...

Great job on completing this tag! You answered honestly and openly and I loved reading your answers.

Always know that Dad and I love you greatly and will forever! We are grateful to have you as our daughter and more importantly as our friend! Take care of yourself as you face the challenges of each day.

Love You!
Mom & Dad