Friday, November 21, 2008

Dallin's Second Birthday

Our little guy Dallin turned 2 on November 8th. For his cake I chose to do a vanilla one with white frosting and made spots using sugar crystals. I'm not one to make super fancy cakes. We had a small party that evening with Grandma and Grandpa since they were here to look for a job. They hadn't found out about the house selling yet, that was still a week away.

Dallin didn't know what to do with the candle flame and despite our efforts to teach him, we ended up blowing it out for him. Tyler was in a church shirt since he and I and my parents had spent the morning at Mount Timpanogas temple. We were able to do some work for an uncle that had passed away. It was Tyler's first time being baptized for the dead and he had a very spiritual experience while performing this in behalf of his Great Uncle. The temple was abuzz as we were able to perform the Baptism, Confirmation, Initiatory, Endowment and Seal him to his parents in one day. I watched the whole thing and my sister Kristi was able to see the baptism part. My parents and my brother Randy helped with the other parts. It was a great day for our family. My only regret was not remembering my camera! My mom got pictures though, so she will have to share them. Maybe when she moves to Utah, I can teach her how to blog!

Dallin in his favorite gift- a big Jeep! he has been wanting a "car" to play in for a while. I found it on for thirty bucks! My parents bought it for him. Thanks Mom and Dad!

A few days later, we were able to visit with my Grandparents while they were in Utah. They stayed at my Aunt Deanna's place. This is one of the first pictures we have of them and Dallin together. I think it is such a sweet picture. The next one is even better.

I just love this one of my grandparents looking so lovingly at Dallin. Isn't having loving family the best! I think this picture will be one for Dallin's children to cherish.


Angie Nelson said...

There's nothing better then grandparents!

Heidi said...

What a cutie. Loving the november 8th birthday. :)

Linda said...

I'm so glad you were able to get photos of Dallin and his great-grandma & grandpa Tucker. I think there is a resemblance in the first photo of Dallin & great-grandpa. Thanks for all you're doing to help us find a place down there!

Love, Dad

The Gatherums said...

Happy birthday Dallin.
It was great to see pictures of your grandparents. I haven't seen them in a while. Are they staying in Corvallis?

Diane Jaggi said...

I haven't seen your grandparents in awhile - they look good! They are the sweetest people. I love them dearly. I am so happy your parents are able to move closer to you. I am very jealous!

Heidi C. said...

Love the pictures. Dallin is such a cutie. It is so neat Tyler had such a good experience going to the temple for the first time. I am looking forward to next spring when Caleb turns twelve. It will be neat to be able to go to the temple with him. I love reading your blog; you are such a sweetie Julie.