Monday, November 17, 2008

It's Sold!

My parents house had an offer made on it last Friday and they accepted it! They are scheduled to be out of the house by December 15th! They are now in Oregon packing and making arrangements to move to Utah! We are so excited, knowing how hard it is to sell a house in this market. My parents Realitors are Brent and Marie Boyter. I've known them for years. He used to be in the Stake Presidency in Corvallis. If all of this had happened a couple of years ago, I would have had a hard time. But we are all ready for this now and it is a good time to leave Corvallis if you are affiliated with Hewlett-Packard or the computer componant making business.

Rummors are that HP will be shutting down the Corvallis plant completly in the next few years. They are fazing out and laying off workers. My sister-in-laws father was an Engineer at HP and just lost his job. With the layoffs, the market surrounding Corvallis will be flooded with workers and only the best people or the fastest to jump ship will get the miniscule jobs available. This means most workers will have to commute to Salem or Portland to find a decent job. If they try to sell a house, it will be VERY hard because of the number of houses to sell and not enough buyers. Best option for those working for HP- go back to school to find a job that allows you to stay in Corvallis, or cut your losses and jump ship before you are stuck with an even bigger loss. Sad, but the way this life is, make lemonade from lemons or be stuck with a bunch of rotting lemons!


kg said...

That will be nice to have family close!

I like the key picture below :)

Heidi said...

YAY! It's so great having mom and dad near by. I've really enjoyed having sunday dinner together.

CJ said...

I didn't realize that HP was doing so poorly. It will be great to have your folks close. Mine are just 10 minutes down the road and I love it!

The Gatherums said...

Great news for you parents to get their house sold.

I have a friend who just got back from maternity leave from HP. Prior she was told she would have her job. Her skills were needed and layoffs would not affect her. Guess what she got on her first day back at work. The good news is by law they can't lay her off right away after returning to work, due to the family leave act, but was told in a month or so she would be laid off.

m's mama said...

You must be so happy to have your parents close by! It will be a difficult time for a lot of people at HP it seems. I have one friend who's husband was hit by the layoffs this round. It's unfortunate.