Sunday, November 9, 2008

Halloween 2008- Hoyer Style!

L-R: Dallin(puppy), Kristi (my sister as Little Red Riding Hood), Sydney (She-Devil), and Tyler(Anakin turning to the dark side). For Halloween I took my kids and one of my daycare kids to Ryan's work at the American Towers in SLC. He works for Franklin Capital Corporation and they have three floors in the office building. The kids trick-or-treated to all of the cubicles and got a bucket full of candy for their efforts!
This was Dallin's first time actually participating in the action and it took a few minutes to get the hang of it. He tried to give his candy away after the first cubicle. He thought they were trading. Then when he realized that he got a lollipop, he wanted to eat it. After that, he wanted to be tasting something throughout the whole evening. He was very sticky within the first half hour! needless to say, I just wheeled him around the offices in an umbrella stroller. The only way to go!
Sydney wanted to make faces at the camera whenever I took a picture. She would quickly cross her eyes! My parents were here for the festivities and my sister went trick-or-treating with us as well. We had our traditional halloween pizza dinner and then hit the streets. We had excellent weather for the first hour and then a light drizzle decended on us. Sydney brought her dog with us and Sophie was very good. Sophie had an angel costume but didn't wear it trick-or-treating. Sydney had bought it for her. Since Sydney was a Devil, I told her they were going as opposites of their character! (Sophie has been having some accidents on the floor).
After trick-or-treating, we settled in to watch my favorite Halloween movie- "The Burbs" Staring Tom Hanks, Carrie Fisher, Dan Akroid and Corey Fieldman. If you haven't seen it, check it out! It is a great silly/spooky comedy about a family that moves in to the subburbs and keeps to themselves. They don't fit in with the rest of the neighborhood and become the subject of observation by the nosy neighbors and they don't like what they find!
Sophie in her angel costume!
At our house, when you come to trick-or-treat, you get a trick as well as a treat! Ryan answers the door by poking a snake out the door. Then he opens the door all the way and the kids can pick a candy out of a bucket. The funniest kids are the teenage girls- boy can they scream! When I walked to the end of the cul-de-sac with my kids, you could hear kids talking about the house that has a snake! It was a big draw to the kids! Halloween- Hoyer Style!


Angie Nelson said...

It sounds and looks like you guys had a fun Halloween! I bet that was quite a shock for a snake to answer the door! To answer your question I didnt wear my costume to work that would have been a long 12 hour shift as a corn on the cob! By the way I LOVE the Burbs its my favorite!

Heidi C. said...

Sounds like you guys had a great Halloween. I love the snake trick. I bet your house was the talk of the neighborhood.

Heidi said...

Your daughter cracks me up. You better watch out for her, she's gorgeous cross eyed and all. :)

Anna's Spot said...

What great costumes. I love the movie the burbs. Our halloween pictures will be used for our next halloween card so I can't show you. It's a secret--(smile) In Oro Valley AZ our trick-or-treating had a real western diamondback rattlesnake own our trail. The fire dept. had to come and remove it off the path. Have a beautiful weekend.
Hugs and Love

m's mama said...

Sounds like a fun Halloween! I love the trick part of Halloween at your house! I'm sure a lot of kids were not expecting a snake to answer the door! I can just imagine the screams...Cute costumes, too!

Anna's Spot said...

Thanks for adding me to your blogroll Julie. I love coming to your blog. Your family is adorable. You know even if I don't get on-line too often I come here first.

Have a beautiful day--gotta call it a night. I was up at 4am getting my hubby on a flight to Florida.

Hugs and Love