Monday, May 12, 2008

Active Wonders Daycare- open for business!

It's official! I was able to get my State License for Daycare last week. I worked hard for two months getting my home up to code and getting organized. We also had to install a fence around our playarea because our backyard isn't totally fenced. I repainted our entryway to cover up our 5+ years of scratches and dings on the walls. It has been a long process, but totally worth it. I am caring for a 5 year old boy now and he made this really cute dinosaur. I was totally surprised with how well it turned out. I didn't help him- it is his own creation! When my kids came home from school, they wanted to play with it too. I hadn't bought playdough for a couple of years, not since I last did childcare, so Tyler and Sydney played for a long time with it. The other boy in the picture is Tyler's friend from our neighborhood. I won't be posting pictures of my daycare kids on the internet.

Sydney playing with Shrek and notice his pearly white playdough teeth!

I've been trying to get a nice picture of Sydney lately, but she won't smile for the camera now. This is the best I could do. Isn't she looking older- She's only eight! She will be nine at the end of this month!


kg said...

Congratulations on your business! Teh play-do looks fun!

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