Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sydney's Birthday Part 2

Sydney had a Hannah Montana slumber birthday party with friends on the 23rd of May. This was her first slumber party at our house. She has had friends sleep over and has spent the night with her friends as well as going to their slumber parties. This was also the first time she had a pinata at her party. We had one for Tyler a looong time ago but have just never had one for Sydney for some reason. This pinata was shaped like a guitar! If you look in the background, you can see a poster of Hannah Montana on the wall. We used this to play pin the microphone on Hannah. By the way, Sydney is not a hard-core fan of Hannah, she just likes her. We don't have cable tv so Sydney has only seen a few episodes of it. When the girls got here, we had pizza and pop as well as veggies. Then we played pin the microphone on Hannah. Next we headed outside....... Outside the girls played on the trampoline and swingset as well as hitting the pinata. They put the candy and toys in their treat bags. After eating candy and jumping some more on the trampoline, we went back inside to open gifts. Sydney loved all that she received from her great friends.

Next, the girls wanted to go outside again for a few minutes. This gave me time to set up the next activity. They came inside and made beaded braclets. This was a great winding down activity. But silly me, I got out the birthday cake and we sang to Sydney. This wound them all up again!

Soon after eating cake, it was time to get ready for bed. Sydney got the Parent Trap movie starring Lindsay Lohan and wanted to watch that before bed. This last picture is of the girls watching the movie before going to bed. Although sleep didn't come until after 11:30 pm. The next day the girls played up in Sydney's room and ate breakfast. At 10 am the parents showed up to take them home! Sydney had a great time with her friends! Dallin loved having all these little mothers to play with and Tyler helped me with the games and took a few pictures. Ryan teased the girls and hung out with us until after the presents were opened, then he retreated to the basement to do some more work. It was a fun, busy evening!


Heidi said...

What a great idea Julie. My daughters are hardcore fans so I'll have to try this. Looks like they had fun.