Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Katherine and Rutger

Many of my family members have never met my sister-in-law Katherine. She stayed with us this past winter until she felt ready to find her own place nearby. She recently purchased a beautiful and very smart German Rotweiler (spelling?) and named him Rutger (pronounced root-ger). She has felt very safe having him around and sleeps much better knowing he is nearby. She brings him over to play in our backyard. Our dog loves having another one around to play with. They romp around and tumble over each other as big friendly male dogs do. They can't spend any time together inside our house because they are like a bull in a china shop. They are very likely to push over Dallin or step on him.

Rutger and Katherine Sorry boys, but only one at a time- and stop licking my window! Look how big Rutger's head is compared to Sampson's! Sampson is almost 80 pounds!