Thursday, June 5, 2008

A trip down memory lane....

Ryan and I had our 13th Wedding anniversary in May. We were married in the Portland Oregon Temple on May 13th 1995. It was a beautiful spring day! We had our wedding in the Temple and then had a Ring Ceremony and Reception that afternoon in Corvallis, OR- our hometown. For our honeymoon we stayed in the Marriot hotel in Portland, OR for a couple of days and then drove up through Washington State and camped another couple of days. Yes- we camped a couple of days on our honeymoon!
We continued North and took a ferry to Whidby Island (sp?) and drove to Vancouver, BC. I remember that when we got there it was really hard to find a hotel room, but we finally found one. We stayed in their "suite" which had a european flair but the walls were very thin- we could hear our neighbors, and in the morning there were three or four cockroaches in the bathroom! I missed the US then and their standards for hotels! Vancouver was fun as always to visit but I was glad when we crossed back onto US soil.
The trip back to Corvallis, OR and our new apartment was quicker than usual since we had our wedding gifts waiting for us that we hadn't opened yet. If I remember right, we made that trip from Vancouver to Corvallis in just over 9 hours- yeah I was speeding! I drove most of that way and I know I hit 90 mph a few times! Good thing I didn't get us killed! Like I said, I knew we had gifts waiting for us. I would like to think we're a little more responsible now!


emily a. said...

Now this is the Julie I remember! It's fun seeing a picture of you on your wedding day. I can't believe how long your hair was!

Of course you are welcome to look on our blog- it's fun seeing yours too! Your kiddies are so cute and it's fun catching up!