Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend part 1

Due to this past Memorial Day weekend being filled with activities and family, I will try to document it in a few posts over a couple of days. Translation: I don't have time to sit and play with photos since I just began watching an 18 month old girl today. She gets along great with Dallin! Here is the begining of our weekend. After Sydney's slumber party ended at 10 am on Saturday, I quickly prepared for Rob and Kendra and their daughter to spend the night with us. Randy and Katie came up from Orem to eat a big meal together with us and Mom and Dad and Kristi were driving from Oregon to bring us our boat that was being passed down. As it turned out, Rob and family were arriving late as well as Mom and Dad. Since the food was getting cold, we were instructed to go ahead and eat! Dallin ate his first corn on the cob and loved it! Tyler and Sydney loved playing with their cousins. And the weekend was just begining!


tuckerfam said...

What a wonderful group of family! So glad we were able to spend time with all of you! We miss you!

Love - Mom & Dad