Friday, June 6, 2008

M.D.W. part 3

The last of my family arrived late in the evening. Mom, Dad, and my Sister Kristi drove all the way from Corvallis, Oregon with this boat in tow. I received it sort-of-as an inheritance gift. My Uncle Bob had passed away in October and my parents received his nice fishing boat since he had no children. My parents passed their older boat down to me. When Ryan and I were first married, Ryan spent a lot of hours repairing the old mercury motor. Guess what? It needs a few repairs again! We figure it's a "classic" boat since it was probably built in the 1960's. Since it's a "classic", doesn't it need to be remodeled? I think some red paint across the top and a new coat of black paint on the trailer would really spiff it up, don't you think so? It should be good for some trips to the lake knee-boarding. Perhaps you've heard the old saying about boats- A hull in the water you sink your money into......