Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Don't you hate it when you forget the camera?

I do! I forgot it when we left for Lagoon on Saturday. We were trying to get there by 10 am and I had got up early and did most of my grocery shopping before we left. Needless to say, we were in a hurry by the time the groceries were unpacked. Atleast we didn't forget the sunscreen! I would have been hospitalized if I forgot that! JK - No, seriously I am so fairskinned and I have developed an allergy to the sun called "solar urticaria" (sp?) where my arms develop little fluid filled blisters if I spend too much time in the sun. Freaky huh! I hate it but life goes on! Luckily my husband has passed his great tanning genes on to our kids and the recessive trait I have will end with me. Lagoon was great as usual and this year we brought a neighbor that is Sydney's friend. Ryan's work was having their summer family activity which traditionally is to go to Lagoon and have a catered bar-b-que about 2 pm. The morning begins with my family riding the "White Rollercoaster" and then hitting other rides. This year since I had Dallin in the stroller, I let Ryan take the kids on most of the rides. I really wanted to try "Wicked" which is the newest rollercoaster ride at Lagoon. Unfortunatly, the lines were way too long. Tyler and Sydney tackled the Colossus together which is a super fast loop-de-loop coaster ride. I think it hits 2 G's of force. After the late lunch with Ryan's co-workers, we stuck around for a few more rides before Dallin was totally wore out. By then it was around 96 degrees outside. I am so glad they have many big shade trees around the park. We had a great time and even signed up to "bounce back" in the next couple of weeks for only $8 a ticket! It is usually over $30 a ticket! I will definatly NOT forget the camera the next time!


kg said...

Yup, hate forgetting the camera..but sounds like you had fun!