Sunday, June 8, 2008

Final post of Memorial Day Weekend!

Finally, I have reached the end of Memorial Day Weekend pictures that I wanted to post! This set of pictures were taken Sunday and the last picture was taken on Monday. Sunday's activities included going to church with Randy and Katie. They were asked to speak during sacrament meeting and so the rest of us kept their four kids busy while Randy and Katie spoke. After church, we went to their apartment for lunch and to visit. Randy grilled up some awesome tasting steaks and we played a board game that was really fun called "Ticket to Ride". It was the first time Tyler and I had played this game, but we caught on quickly. The rest of the cousins played "Apples to Apples- Junior Edition" that Kristi had given to Sydney for her birthday. Anybody too young to play that game ended up doing whatever toddlers do- begging mommy for attention while she is playing a game, or getting into things in a new household that they shouldn't get into!

Will (Katie's brother) and his fiance Alina joined us for lunch!
Kendra and Alyssa! Kendra had her hands full chasing Alyssa and being approx. 6 months pregnant (and sick). Doesn't she look great!
Alyssa decided that having a boy around was great! She loved hugging Micah- and he was glad to oblige!
The three youngest cousins (for at least three more months) Dallin, Malia and Alyssa.

Sydney and Mc Kenzie know how to take care of their younger cousins.

This last picture was taken Monday morning at JC Penny Studio in Provo. We had a 10:30 appointment and they graciously had three helpers there to coax some smiles out of this wiggly group. Alyssa and Malia were being held by their moms to be put in at the last second. After about an hour of trying to get everyone happy and in place, we gave up and settled with the pictures we had. Then a half hour later- some of the little ones were happier and the studio let us try again. It still wasn't that successful- but at least we tried! They let me take this photo in between shots!

The rest of Monday was spent eating Little Caesars' Pizza and playing board games again together. I then brought my Dad to the airport so that he could go back to Oregon to work for the week. Mom and Kristi stayed to look for an apartment for Kristi, and homes and a job for Mom and Dad! You read it correctly- Mom and Dad are looking seriously into moving to Utah! They would love to live nearer to the grand kids and they know that us kids are not able to make a decent living in Corvallis. There are many other reasons namely the rumors of HP shutting down the Corvallis plant in the next five years which will destroy the market for selling houses. It seems to be a good time to exit and move on now.

They have spent the last 28 years in their current house. All of us kids will miss the house we grew up in, but we have great memories and hope to make even new memories wherever they choose to move too. A big plus for them is that by moving to Utah, they can upgrade their standard of living because the housing market is better here- at least in the Top of Utah- past Bountiful. Rob and Kendra are moving to Texas for his job soon after he graduates, and Randy and Katie will be moving even farther south to St. George to pursue a Masters Degree. Kristi is wanting to live closer to the "Meat Market" of young men in the Provo area. Corvallis did not hold her future husband.... So, changes are ahead for all of our family. I am excited to have Mom and Dad move closer to us so we can work on our genealogy together. Mom has been entrusted with her side of the families genealogy and it is extensive. There are many duplications and mistakes and it needs to be gone through thoroughly. Having the largest genealogical research facility nearby is a huge plus! Luckily, we will still have roots in Corvallis. Ryan's Dad and his Wife still live there. It may be a while till my parents can sell the house and move. It will be an exciting year though for us!


Shaun & Denise said...

I learned long ago to never have professional pictures with the cousins. There is always one or two grumpy ones. Never fails. Maybe they will be better as adults and then we can have some good pictures.