Friday, June 6, 2008

M.D.W. part 4

My parents finally got to eat dinner after traveling all day. They hurried because we still needed to have our gift giving party celebrating Dad's birthday, Sydney's 9th birthday, Kristi's birthday, Mother's Day and Father's Day! They needed to hurry because by nine o'clock that night, Randy and Katie had set up a blind date for Kristi to go to a movie with someone Katie knows'. It was going to be a triple date.

The family gathered together to open gifts!

Mom and Dad's gifts were given by all of us kids to them. They were personalized aprons- with all the grandkids handprints on them as well as their names and ages and room to add more!

Dad's apron is a family joke since he tends to burn the hamburgers. But he's getting better at it! He just got a new grill for his birthday! Soon after this, Mom, Dad and Kristi left to stay at Randy and Katie's place in Orem. Rob, Kendra and Alyssa tried out our new-to-us hide-a-bed at our house.