Monday, June 9, 2008

The Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point

I lied again! I wasn't done with the pictures from Memorial Day Weekend! I forgot this batch that I took on Monday when we all went to the museum after having the cousins pictures taken and then eating lunch and taking naps. We had a couple of hours before I needed to take my Dad to the airport and so we went to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point! It was very well done but the lighting was low. I had my first chance to tinker with the low light exposure on my camera which I had never used before and had not read anything on it. I thought I was taking great photos but when it came time to edit them, many were blurry. I now realize that in low light, it's best to use a tripod since the exposure time is increased. Trial and error! I still was able to get a few shots to work out despite the blurriness.
Can you see Micah in the lower right-hand corner? This was a huge head!
Morgan is in the middle (Randy's second child) with Sydney, Micah (Randy's third), and Dallin.
There is two great big sand pits at the end of the museum where the kids can pretend to find fossles. My kids loved this part.
We had a great time at this museum and highly recomend it!