Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sydney's Birthday Part 1

Happy 9th birthday Sydney!
This was to be the first party in a weekend of parties and get-togethers with family and friends so I chose to make cupcakes since we would be having a couple of different cakes over the next few days. She turned 9 on May 22 and we had a small family mini-party with one present from mom and dad. Of course it was a gift that she could play with right away.
She has been wanting more Littlest Pet Shop toys and I found a great deal on ksl.com for a bunch of accessories and pets! She was so excited and played the rest of the evening with them. She is a caring, thoughtful person with a strong personality. I learn so much from her and how she deals with life. She is among the tallest in her class. She picks her friends carefully and doesn't like those that are showy and like to hurt others feelings. She doesn't have to look "perfect" to feel better about herself. She chooses friends who like her for her personality and not because she has the latest clothes or toys. She tells me that I don't need to wear makeup to look good. She will still do makeovers with her friends though so she gets to practice putting it on. She is just not afraid to be herself and that is a testament to her strong personality. I love you Sydney!


tuckerfam said...

Yes, Sydney is a very special young lady and we love her so much! She is a wonderful granddaughter and is very sensitive and thoughtful. Happy 9th Birthday and we're so glad we were able to come and celebrate it with you!

Love - Grandma & Grandpa