Monday, September 15, 2008

Tyler's 12th Birthday

This year for Tyler's birthday we decided to have a smaller, mostly family party. He was able to invite his two best friends to celebrate with us!

This picture above really shows how big Tyler is getting. His arms are as long as mine and he is only a couple of inches shorter. His feet though are bigger than mine! I've gone to the growth charts online and looked at his projected growth pattern based on his past growth. He is expected to be 6 feet tall as an adult! Sydney who has always been very tall for her age is projected to be 5' 8". I wouldn't doubt that! Dallin is much more petite since being a premie but I haven't checked out his projected height. I think it is a little early to tell since he has less than two years of growing "experience".

The next photo is of Tyler and one of his friends using the new nerf guns that he got for his birthday.

Tyler's two best friends.

We had a great time celebrating Tyler's birthday. He is growing up so fast! We love you Tyler!