Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wednesday Weigh In

I beat my goal for this week! I lost a half a pound beyond what I had planned. During the previous week I ate quite a bit while my family was here. This current week I focused on loosing the pounds I had gained so that I could be back at 174 lbs. Yesterday morning I had hit my target weight for the week and then today I weighed in at 173.5- the lowest I've seen my digital scale at for a few months! Last Wednesday I weighed in at 177 lbs, so I lost 4 pounds this week! Maybe most of that weight was from my body just holding on to the fatty food I had consumed. I seemed really sluggish in my digestive system last week. I notice that as I eat healthier, my body regulates itself better and I don't get nearly the same amount of stomach pains/problems. Ryan has a friend that is a body builder and when he was over one day I told him about my weight loss plans. Now, to fully understand and appreciate what this person told me, you have to understand his background. He was quite overweight and lost 60 lbs in 90 days (not recommended) and has kept it off by exercising with a passion- as only body builders can. Seriously, this man will work out for 4-5 hours a day in order to prepare for a competition. Anyway, this man told me that one of the fastest ways for a person with my build and height to lose weight would be to do this: For breakfast, eat one whole egg and seven egg whites for breakfast. Cook them as I please, but stick to the egg whites since they are more healthy. For a snack, eat protein that is lean such as turkey or fish(tilapia) and avoid any sugar. For lunch, eat more protein such as turkey, and limit breads to 2 slices a day. Make sure to snack on more protein such as nuts (peanuts, almonds) and beans. For dinner- I forgot what he said :) I'm sure it consisted of more fish, etc. Now, you are probably thinking- "Whoa, what a huge diet change" but in reality, it's not that bad. I didn't try the egg breakfast idea until today because I was afraid that the flavor would be very plain and I don't like egg substitutes which is mainly egg whites. I put in the whole egg (yolk and white) and then added seven egg whites. I made sure to put a generous portion of pepper in the mixture and a little salt for flavor. I was surprised with the result! It was very good and the pepper added the right amount of seasoning. I was actually surprised how big the pile of eggs was and I ate it up. Afterwards, I felt very full and the feeling stayed for a couple of hours. I have since did a little research on eggs this afternoon and found some great facts. The has some great facts and information. I found out that because the egg has such high quality protein, it aides in helping you to feel full longer. This same protein helps support fetal development in pregnant women. They also have choline and folic acid in them which are very important for pregnant moms. For those of you suffering from anemia which is a deficiency of iron in your blood, the iron in eggs is "a healthy mixture of heme and non-heme iron" that is "particularly well absorbed". Well, I need to go pick up my kids from school now. I hope this little info helps someone in their life with learning to eat healthier!


Angie Nelson said...

Good job on your weight loss! That is great:) I dont know if I could eat that many egg whites. I tried a turkey burger tonite and i was suprised at how good it really was! I dont know if you have found that it sure is more expensive to eat healthier!

Julie said...

Hi Angie! This is such a good topic that I am going to put my ideas in a new post. I was writing a long comment, but realized more people would see it if I posted it!