Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wednesday Weigh In (better late than never!)

I was a bad girl this week :) My parents came from Oregon last Thursday and we have been celebrating everyone's birthdays since then. We've had cake (ice cream and regular), pizza from Little Caesers, We ate at the Asian Buffet one night and another night my Mom made a wonderful lasagna. Yumm! Who doesn't like Mom's homemade lasagna?! As you can see, I wasn't eating very low-fat. I didn't loose weight this past week- I gained it :( I am now getting back on track and hope to be down to 174 lbs again by Wednesday and then even further the following week. What amazes me is how I ate fairly healthy in the mornings and afternoons this past week but having a big dinner and then adding cake to the mix gives me way too many calories! Before I started changing my eating habits a couple of months ago, I was eating unhealthy all day long. No wonder I am having to lose weight! I am really needing to stop cheating so much if I am to lose over thirty more pounds. This is taking forever at the rate I am going. But I know I am more healthy over all. I just need to be more patient and stop the cheating! Wish me luck!


Angie Nelson said...

Everyone has set backs the important thing is to get back on track. I am doing weight watchers and they told us that you should never tell yourself no when you have a craving because you will want to go on a binge to eat everything. So no worries unless you are doing it everyday:)Good luck this next week!

fawndear said...

I'm doing the whole weight drop adventure as well. I just had to make myself accountable to about 10 different people to check up on me. I never seem to have enough will power on my own.
One thing that's helped me besides food tracking is to concentrate on how many things I do right instead of wrong.
You can so do this!

Shay said...

Good Luck! A healthy weight loss is one that takes a long time. 1-2 pounds a week at most! Keep at it. My new motto: "Anything hard (or scary) is worth doing."
It's really hard to stick to a good diet when there's partying going on. Don't be too hard on yourself because of it. Also, can your family help you? Cut the cake into smaller pieces, just serve one scoop of ice cream... stuff like that.