Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wednesday Weigh In

I didn't loose any weight this week :( It doesn't surprise me since I fudged a little everyday. I am still eating waaaay healthier than I used to. Even though I didn't loose any weight this week, I still want to keep with the good eating habits that I am forming. It takes a long time to become satisfied with the amount of food that I am supposed to eat verses what I like to eat. For some reason I always associated feeling "full" with well-being. This week I have another sore throat for some reason and I keep feeling like I need to eat in order to "feel better". Kind of weird huh? I also thought that since I am eating a lot of veggies and fruits that I would be healthier. That isn't the case! I did pick up a vitamin B-complex sublingual mix that should help with metabolism as well as health. I try to have something everyday that has probiotics in it. It does seem to help my digestive tract overall. I have been able to keep my energy up since I eat regularly- three meals and three snacks a day. This seems to keep my energy up. My husband said that when a person sleeps well, it helps to keep the appetite down. When you are sleepy, your body craves more carbohydrates. That is why people who snore or have sleep disorders like sleep apnea have a hard time loosing weight. Well, I need to go and pick up my son from school. Sydney came home earlier with a stomach bug. Yuck, here's to another school season of sickness!


Angie Nelson said...

Dont get down on yourself you are doing great! Just keep doing what your doing. I know how you feel about eating its a bad habit of mine to need to munch all the time. Here's to a new week!