Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Friday After Thanksgiving- Pineview Reservoir

My Husband Ryan decided to ask the kids if they wanted to go fishing on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Sydney and Tyler decided they wanted to go and since Dallin was sick with Roseolla, I stayed home with him after taking him to the doctor. When they all came back late in the afternoon, they were all excited and full of stories to tell of this cold, but memorable fishing trip.

The kids ended up catching their limit and these were not small trout! The smallest was approx. 16 inches long and the biggest was approx. 21 inches! The fish were good fighters and they limited out in less than 2 hours! Ryan said he could only bait the hooks, cast them out and then one of the kids would have a fish on. Then he would take care of the fish and start the process all over again. He said it was one of the best fishing trips he's been on. Enjoy the pictures- they pretty much speak for themselves!


Angie Nelson said...

Wow what a day for fishing! Those are some big fish. It sounds like the fish were practically jumping out of the water and wanting to be caught.

Anna's Spot said...

I hope your hubby cleans them before you have to cook them :)

Julie said...

Oh yes Anna, he and the kids cleaned them and fillet them. I didn't have to do a thing but cook them and I froze the rest. It was too much to eat in one sitting! They tasted great and didn't have very much fishy flavor. Almost tasted like salmon. My dad was here when we fried them up and he even thought they tasted like salmon!