Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Farewell to my Childhood Home

For those of you who are new to my blog, my parents have sold their home that they lived in for 28 years. Before then, my grandparents had lived there for 12 years so the home was in our family for over 40 years! My brother Randy, my Sister Kristi my son Dallin and I flew back to Oregon from Utah in order to help my parents pack up the house and to say good-bye to it. My brother Rob and his wife Kendra and their two children Alyssa and Lance flew in the next day from Texas. We were able to have their new little boy blessed in Church on Sunday. On Sunday afternoon my parents hosted a going away party/baby blessing luncheon for our relatives. We had over 20 people come. We used some boxes for a buffet table. After everyone left, they did more packing until late in the night. A big snow storm hit and left a couple inches of snow in the yard and then the roads turned to ice in the middle of the night.
This video is the last shots of the house as I saw it. I wasn't sad. It really hasn't hit me yet about not being able to go into "our" house anymore. Just don't laugh at my funny recording voice. I still need to stop jabbering while I record videos. Enjoy!


Mama Nirvana said...

My parents moved from Corvallis several years ago, and it still makes me sad that I can't call it my home town.

I'm sure any sadness you may feel is overshadowed by how happy you must be to have them close.


Angie Nelson said...

I just got back from Oregon today so i know what storm you are talking about! you were lucky to fly i drove :( I am excited for your parents to be closer to all of you but its sad to have a house that has been in the family so long go. At least you can remember the memories:)

Diane Jaggi said...

HI Julie!
Thanks for your comment on my blog. I like to work out in the mornings. I wake up and put on my sports bra and my workout pants. This helps me do it! This means I don't get much done besides kids, breakfast and workout in the mornings and I don't usually walk out side my door in the AM. However I feel good when I am done -even if I have stop 100 times and help kids. At least I am moving my butt. Eating is another story for me. I love to cook especially sweets. The only thing that helps that is John doesn't like sweets so I don't make as much as I would. A blessing! I still have 15 lbs to lose to get to my goal weight and it looks forever away. All well one day at a time.

Worsley Fam. said...

Love the pictures, it is always so hard to move away from the momories!! but the new house looks awesome so it all works out! The video of dallin and the makeup is so funny!! Loved it.

CJ said...

Ah, Corvallis... Such sweet memories. When we moved it was with every intention of going back. But life pushes us in strange tides. Glad that our paths crossed for a while, and now back again! Merry Christmas!