Sunday, January 4, 2009


Tonight I wish I had Ryan around to help me figure out how to get our old pictures off the new exterior hard-drive. Between learning two new computers and an exterior hard drive- I am feeling stunted in my abilities to accomplish much blogging. Ryan was in L.A. with Tyler running a booth at a Reptile Expo this weekend. Of course, now is the time I feel I can get back to blogging, but he has the nice camera with him and I can't seem to dig up the pictures that I haven't edited yet. Oh, and yes I would like some cheese with this whine!!

I guess all I can do is type.... how boring! JK..... I can't believe how fast I've changed since I began blogging! I was using a very old digital camera, dial-up internet and a pretty slow computer. Just a year later and I have four blogs I contribute to and a good camera (thanks to Ryan's snake business- business expense), DSL and now two smoking computers. You might be wondering how in this economy we can even think of getting two. Well, one was a surprise gift from my parents and my brother Rob and his family. Rob was feeling pretty sad for us as we were trying to keep up with technology using an older computer. We would call him and ask him how to patch this and over-come that. He is big on computers (majored in something with computers:)and always has up-to-date tech things. My parents had also noticed our dilemma and got the idea of going in with Rob on a computer for us since Rob's family had our name for Christmas and since we housed them so much this past year while Dad looked for a job. Well, this was exciting for Rob and he immediately got to work finding a good but not so expensive computer. He also knew how my two oldest kids love playing in the virtual reality world of World of Warcraft. He made sure that this computer was up to high speed gaming.

Meanwhile, Ryan got his annual bonus and began looking for a good computer for us for Christmas. He found a great deal on a refurbished computer that also was good for gaming. He also found a nice 22 inch monitor that is sooo cool!!! Ryan gets to work on two of these types of screens at work. So even though I had just bought the 17 inch flat-screen in October after using the sales from selling toys at the SLC Reptile Expo, he bought the new one so that I could enjoy such frivolities (is that a word?)and so Tyler could have a cool gaming view.

To make a long story short, we kept both computers and the 17 inch monitor is connected to the computer we got from M&D and Rob's family. It has replaced a very old dinosaur in our front room. The other computer is set up in our main living area and so both kids can play each other at the same time or I can kick one kid off the computer and there is still one good computer to use. I think this will come in handy as these kids use them for homework more often! It was a great surprise when we learned about the second computer. Thank you Mom, Dad, Rob, Kendra and family. We love you!


Heidi said...

Wow...I need to get some oomph to my computer. It just gets slower and slower. Glad you're enjoying them.

Anna's Spot said...

Hi Julie-
Our kids have computers and all of them use them for homework and some "educational" games (LOL) (Especially the 7th grader, his teachers are constantly updating grades, giving assignments and bonus credits that he uses a computer for.) He even e-mails some of the bonus credit assignments to his teacher. Just think what it will be like when they all need the computer for school. My kindergartener teacher has a blog that the kids comment on, and so does my third grader. You really do have to try and keep up with technology because it will run you over.

Believe it or not. I like reading your blogs just as much as the video so it was a nice change to get to read too.

Hugs and Love and have a beautiful day.

Julie said...

Thanks for your comments! I totally understand making-due with a dinosaur computer. Guess what, our little two-year-old has figured out how to work the mouse and so he will sit at the computer and click on one of our accounts and try to type in the password. He is too stinking cute! I guess we'll be needing a third computer before to long....

Anna's Spot said...

The computers just multiply in this house. I think they might be part rabbit? Or maybe it has to do with the mouse. (LOL)