Thursday, January 22, 2009

Together after 20 years! Angie and Julie

My childhood friend Angie Nelson and I decided to finally get together since we both live in Utah. I wrote about it on our joint blog One Tidbit at a Time. I decided to put our picture here as well since more of our childhood friends read this blog then our other one. You'll just have to skip on over to the other one to get the details! I will have to say that i'm not proud of this current picture of me especially since I'm so pale that you can hardly see where my chin is since it all is such a white blur!! Oh well, blame it on genetics!

I finally downloaded our newest pictures onto our computer and made sure our editing software is running. Be prepared to see a bunch of new posts soon complete with pictures! Take care everyone!


Angie Nelson said...

Thanks for posting the picture of us. That was nice of you to put it on your blog. I am hoping the next time we get together there will be less of me:)

Worsley Fam. said...

Hey you look great in your picture!!! It looks like everything is going well for you! Hope it continues.