Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cute pics

Here is a totally raw photo that I haven't touched up at all. I'm so impatient, I just like to post my photos without fixing them up!

Ryan and I got the kids together for a christmas photo shoot and here are some of the bloopers! Notice how absent Ryan and I are from the photos- we were too lazy to get dressed up for the shots and Walgreens was having a sale that day on photo greeting cards. I know- I'm cheap!
My Drama King and Queen.......
This one would have been great but there wasn't enough lighting.
I really liked the way Sydney looked in this photo, but you can see it was too blurry:(

I finally chose this photo to put on the card, but as you know, haste makes waste- the cards didn't turn out very well. When I took the CD into Walgreens, there was a button on the screen that said enhance photo. Well, I thought why not enhance it a little more. Bad idea! Since the screen didn't have high resolution, I couldn't see that it made the colors look too saturated. I should have ordered one print and then checked how it looked before printing 60. Live and learn.......