Sunday, November 11, 2007

Happy 1st B-day Dallin!

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS~~~ 1. What does a one-year-old do with a present? He eats the wrapping! 2. How do you know if they DON'T like a recycled Dora doll from their sister as a gift?

If they find the buckle on their high chair more interesting!

3. How can you tell they DO like a gift?

They stare transfixed at it and then cry if you try to take it away to open the package!

4. How do you know if you've given a great gift?

They AND their older siblings play with it until it's time for bed!


Tyler took Dallin out for a quick jump on the trampoline before the birthday party. Pretty soon Sydney was outside too and I got this cute picture of them together!

Okay- I admit I am too cheap to buy a cake at the store if I'm not doing daycare or earning extra money somehow. This is my best attempt at using a box mix, can of frosting and different colors of sugar crystals. I tried to be creative! Don't you like the sugar crystal stripes?

Dallin liked the Lactose-free ice cream (Yea Breyers!!) better than the cake. He also didn't dive into the ice cream or the cake- he prefered that I spoon feed him! Spoiled boy. It was really interesting to see his personality emerge as we did traditions that we have done with all our kids.

One of our traditions is on the first birthday, we let the b-day child play with a whole roll of toilet paper! Dallin is not as wild as his older brother and sister were. He really didn't play with the roll much- so Tyler and Dad helped him out. Soon after this picture was took, we all went to bed for some much needed rest!