Monday, November 19, 2007


I haven't taken any recent photos but I wanted to blog- so I dug out some old photos! Most of these my sister Kristi took a while ago, but they are so cute that I wanted to share! I guess today I am glad to have my little Dallin and I am pondering how much joy he has brought our family. We waited 7 years before trying for our third child, but I am glad we did. This first picture is of Dallin and Sampson- best buddies. Sampson is very patient with him and never nips or bites. He will get up and move if Dallin is pestering him too much. I just got some great video (not digital) clips of Dallin taking a toy away from Sampson, and then holding it out for Sampson to grab. Sampson will carefully take the toy from Dallin and chew on it for a second before Dallin takes it away again. Then Dallin holds out the toy and Sampson grabs it again, over and over. It is amazing because Sampson is four times bigger than Dallin (80+ lbs) but he is so gentle with him. I remember after I brought Dallin home from the hospital, Sampson acted different- like he knew how special this little one was. He would nuzzle me just a little and sit and watch the baby in my arms. He also began to mark his territory in the neighborhood when he got loose. Sampson never did this before since he viewed all dogs as friends. It was like he became the baby's protector overnight. Luckily this never turned to aggression which is not a good thing. As Dallin has grown, Sampson forgot about marking his turf and is back to thinking any dog is his friend!

This is one of Kristi's great baby photos. I just love baby feet and hands, don't you?

How Sweet is that?

Do I see a hint of family resemblance here? This is a great photo of my brother Randy at my parents house holding Dallin.

My little dishwasher helper. What is it about dishes and toddlers? So far none have been broken, but atleast one has been dropped! Hope you have enjoyed this little trip down memory lane with me :)


Mama Nirvana said...

Your little boy is so cute, Julie! Thanks for sharing pictures.


kg said...

I really like the little feet picture!