Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thanksgiving with Loved Ones

This year I started the popcorn kernal thankful bowl- say that three times fast. It was an adaptation of Kim Greenfield's past family Thanksgiving idea of putting a candy corn in a bowl for the things you are thankful for. I decided since the kids definetly didn't need any candy and I had already spent enough on other food, that we would use popcorn kernels. Then, later on in the evening I made homemade popcorn on the stove with a frying pan to show how after we thank Heavenly Father for our blessings, he blesses us even more because gratitude is so important. By the time the kids had worn out their brains thinking of things to be greatful for, Tyler started saying "And I'm thankful for this kernel and this kernel" and Sydney chimed in. Pretty soon the bowl was full!

We were blessed to have my brother Randy and his wife Katie and their four kids join us for Thanksgiving. Katie is great at making sweet potato casserole and she also did our stuffing and deviled eggs (A Tucker tradition- deviled eggs at family dinners!). I cooked the turkey and made a yummy fruit salad and a few other things. Left to right- Sydney, Mc Kenzie- Randy's oldest, and Randy.

Here is the rest of the spread. This reminds me of my favorite punch that I made but served in my plastic pitcher:) Notice the late blooming Memorial Day Mums that I cut from my back yard. Gotta love the color purple!

3/4 of a 2 liter bottle of Sprite

1 can of frozen Welches white grape juice

Raspberry sherbert icecream



Mix the first two ingredients together and add water until you get the right flavor. Then add scoops of the raspberry sherbert until you get the right frothiness. Okay, I know these directions are worthless- just mix everything together and add sprite until you like the taste- you can't go wrong with this combo! You can only mess it up by making it too sweet or too watery!

Katie and her newest addition- Malia! Morgan is Katie's second child and she is the grinning one in the back. Tyler snuck into this photo and as usual, made a funny face!

Dallin, Me, Katie, Malia and Tyler! Grandma will love this picture!

Micah! He is the third child in Randy's family.


Nancy Clark said...

Thanks for the invite, Julie; it's nice to be in touch! I love the popcorn idea...

Ditto Family said...

Looks like a delicious spread! How fun to see Katie. Did you know that the Schmitts and the Dittos are friends.

Julie said...

Yep, I know about the Schmidts and the Dittos. They became friends when they lived in Prineville right? It's a small world!!

kg said...

Fun! Beautiful Thanksgiving spread! Good to see Katie too :)

KimiK said...

Looks like a wonderful gathering! How fabulous!