Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fun photos of the family

Randy's third child, Micah.

Randy's second child Morgan- always a ham for the camera!

These cousins could pass for sisters- well, two of them are. L-R: Sydney, Mc Kenzie, and Morgan.

Are they from the same family- nah, must be coincidence that they look soooo much alike! (Father-daughter, Randy and Mc Kenzie)

Three generation picture with Mom, Katie and Malia- the youngest in Randy's family.

We had a great time together after the ordination of Tyler. We celebrated too many birthdays with ice cream cake and exchanged gifts. My Parents gave the three older cousins matching shirts with bracelets as you saw in the earlier pictures. They pranced around excited to match each other. I don't think they did a make-up session like the other recent times when they've been together. We will be spending time with them this weekend for General Conference. We will then be celebrating Mc Kenzie turning eight! Another family baptism coming up!


So Many M's said...

cute shots, (not of me, but we are working on that, slowly but surely). Can't wait to see ay this weekend.

Angie Nelson said...

Cute pictures! Those kids have lots of tucker in them! I am glad you post pictures of your family I love to see them:)

Meta said...

fun family photos - sounds like you had a great time together. I agree with Angie's comment - the grandkids are all 'tuckers' at heart! :)

\Love your table top easel a few posts back - where did you order it from?

Julie said...

Hi Meta! I ordered it from a catalog for the company called Constructive Playthings. Actually, when we get a grant we send the info such as the item number etc. to our main office for childcare and they order it for us. I was given three catologs from three different companies known for their quality toys and learning tools. Then they said to pick out $250 worth of things for my day care. It was fun! The other two companies are Lakeshore and Kaplan. The website for Constructive Playthings is For Lakeshore- and for Kaplan- I could spend hours looking at these catalogs and I literally did! I love children's toys, books etc.