Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wednesday Weigh In has been moved...

I have decided to put my Wednesday Weight In on my new blog that is dedicated to eating healthy etc. I am also beginning a weekly post on my new blog, "Friday- Try It!" where I discuss a new-to-me food item or anything that might me different/healthy but interesting to try. This may include links to scientific information on the topic or links to other blogs that are interested in it. I have also posted links on my side bar that will take you to the Food Pyramid, a calculator for your Body Mass Index, as well as nutritional guidelines from the US Department of Agriculture and The US Department of Health. I just recalculated my BMI and I dropped 2 points over the last two months! I just need to drop three more points in order to not be classified as "overweight". How's that for a sneak peak of Wednesday Weigh in?!