Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sydney's New Dog

Sydney got a new dog! We rescued her from the Davis County Animal Shelter. She is a chihuahua/pekinese mix we guess. Her name is Sophie. I know, you are probably wondering why we even let her get a dog when we already have one, and a bird, and rabbits and snakes, mice and lizards. The story began about 10 months ago when we had our cat Nickels. Dallin had been waking up several times a night even though he was over a year old. I would go into the room and the cat was in the crib with Dallin. I was sure he was the reason Dallin kept waking up. Also, the cat fur was driving me crazy as was the hairballs I would find and have to clean up. I was also pretty sure my allergies were worse having the cat.

Finally I told the family I was through with having a cat at our house. I put up an add on KSL which has an awesome classified section. No one responded. A week went by and I was growing impatient since the baby was waking up and I couldn't lock the cat in a room or else he would have an accident. Ryan and I are also firm believers in not having cats roam city streets and pooping in flower beds. If we lived in the country, it would be different.

Soooo, I decided to take Nickels to the animal shelter. That night, Sydney was begging to go say goodbye one more time to him. I said we could go after school the next day. When we got there, Nickels had already been given a new home. He didn't even stay there a full day! Sydney was so upset, since she was so close to him. He would sometimes sleep on her bed.

This brings us to our recent purchase. Sydney has been begging, drawing pictures and sending us letters about getting a cat. I found out one of the kids I babysit has cat allergies. That was enough of an excuse to rule out a cat. I suggested a small dog that could sleep on her bed. We went to the shelter and found this cute little bundle of energy. She is very sweet and loves to give kisses (licks). She is an awesome lap dog and keeps Sampson company. We only had one accident on the first morning, then no more for over a week now! Sydney loves Sophie and enjoys taking her for walks with her friend and her friend's dog. Sampson is just too big for her to handle and hasn't been properly trained. Sophie's side profile. She is very soft to the touch and I love her little curled up tail that wags very fast when she is excited. She reminds me of a small fox.

Sleeping with Sydney. What an awesome companion dog.
Sophie vs. Sampson. Just a little size difference!


Angie Nelson said...

That is fun that she got a new dog! She looks very relaxed with her! Is sampson jealous?

Julie said...

Sampson doesn't seem to be too jealous. He gets to play around with her and isn't as lonely when we put her in the laundry room with him. That's where we keep them when we leave the house.

Jared said...

Sounds like you have a couple of great dogs. They are deffinately cute! We have tried a few times to find one that works for our family but are still looking. Do the kids help take care of them or do you get stuck with it all?