Sunday, October 12, 2008

Great Salt Lake Shorelands Preserve

One of our favorite places to go on a warm, Sunday afternoon is the Great Salt Lake Shorelands Preserve. It is located in Layton, Utah. We like it because of the well-made boardwalk that you can walk on and the diversity of the animals. One year we saw a family of red foxs that had a den just 10-15 feet off of the boardwalk. One thing that you need to take with you besides your binoclars is mosquito repelant. The boardwalk is over a mile long, in a loop and has different learning stations along the way. There is also a huge tower that is not handicap accessible, but offers a great view of the wetlands. You also get a great view of the mountains and Antelope Island. Enjoy the pics!


Angie Nelson said...

Cool pictures that is a pretty spot:)