Friday, August 29, 2008

Appetite and Stomach Shrinking

I have some more things to add about my "diet". Yesterday, I roasted a chicken for dinner. Usually I am such a pig that I can eat half of the breast plus more. The bird I cooked was a 5 pound chicken so it was medium sized. Well, I had quite a bit of salad and one piece of whole grain bread with Country Crock Spread on it. I was surprised that after eating the half of a breast plus the salad and toast, I was full!!!! This means that after a month of cutting portion sizes down, I am finally feeling full sooner! Quite the little scientific discovery for me. I am not feeling as hungry all of the time, but I still desire to eat quite often. I try to just snack on things that don't have many calories. Today I looked on a package of cream cheese that is 1/3 the fat of regular cream cheese. It was only 70 calories for one ounce of it. Then I looked on the package of mozzarella cheese sticks. One of those packages is an ounce of cheese and have 80 calories. The cream cheese actually had less calories. I spread some of it on a lightly salted rice cake and had a great snack for 100 calories!(the rice cake had only 30 calories) It was pretty filling. I have also found that eating a good sized salad as a snack can be quite filling as well. The Kraft brand has some good "lite" dressings that taste good such as their Lite House Italian dressing. Some people like the Zesty style, but I prefer the creamier taste of house. I didn't like the way slimfast suggests using many different types of spritzers and sprays. Each one costs 2-3 dollars and you don't use them up very fast. Ryan says that is how slimfast makes their money- by getting people to try and use more expensive products which is advertising for the other companies. You can still eat healthy without having to buy so many different sprays, spritzers, butters and vinaigrette's. They do make otherwise bland foods taste better though! If anyone tries out the slimfast plan, you will notice the amount of garlic that is used in the dinner menus. I loved it but my family complained about the smell when I cooked and they wouldn't eat the veggies very often. Their loss I guess. I thought it all tasted great- especially when you are starving! Ryan eats everything I cook and he tries to get the kids to taste the foods. Dallin is our best veggie eater since he has grown up on soy milk. It tastes more "natural/dirt like" while cows milk is much sweeter/fatter and kids get used to that flavor. I have been better at getting Dallin to eat veggies at an earlier age and continuing to give them to him even if he didn't like them for a while. My older two won't even try things again that they hated in the past. Someday their taste buds will change. I will just have to keep presenting them with veggies. I used to be the worst about eating veggies. So if I can change, anyone can change!