Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Daughter the Drama Queen

For the first day of school, Sydney came to me actually asking me to do her hair and nails! Who was I to turn her down? Of course I could do her hair since she never lets me. She wanted to use the rollers and insisted that I put them in. Never mind that her hair is much shorter now and so her hair would be frizzy curly. The next morning her hair was a version of a poodle-doo and she made me straighten it out as much as possible. It had a little extra volume that day! We still had fun doing her nails and watching the closing ceremony of the olympics together while I rolled her hair. Fun times!

Sydney is a ham for the camera and this is how she wanted to show off her nails.

Next, she wanted to go for a partial rap look.

The next two pictures were taken after she insisted on posing and begging me to take the picture. No, She is not scared or sreaming- she is acting and it looks pretty convincing to me!

Sydney- My Drama Queen......


Ann said...

I love the curlers! I have way to many memories of my mom putting my hair in those:)She does look like a drama queen!