Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Let's play a game....

On the camping trip to Moon Lake, we saw many different animals. I really wished that we had a telephoto lens or a much better zoom lens. Since I didn't have one, we get to play "spot the animal"! The first one is easy since I blew up the picture to get a good look at the squirrel. you should have seen the original picture! If it helps, you can click on the picture to make it a little bigger.

Next, spot the moose!

Now, spot Sampson.

This one is more challenging. Spot the squirrel.

The last one is easier- another Moose!

Thanks for playing!


So Many M's said...

That was fun!!!

The Gatherums said...

That was great. I am so sad we did not see a moose at Yellowstone. Looks like you saw enough for you and me.