Saturday, August 2, 2008

My First Update on Weight Loss!

Where to start..... I really think that posting my journey is going to help. The first night after posting about my problem, I went to bed really late (for me) and couldn't sleep. I had some family issues and so they were bothering me and I was anxious. By the next morning, I was so tired and I thought to myself, "I was going to start exercising today but I don't think I feel like it since I'm so tired and I've got a 20-month old coming at 9:15 in addition to my own 20-month old." But then I remembered my post and I didn't want to let everyone down. I got up and did about 20 minutes of some serious pilates! My stomach is still sore today! I read up on that Heidi recommended to me. I was impressed with all of the resources and menus. I went ahead and signed up! That is going to really help me with my eating habits! It's not very hard to get set up and you don't have to use the shakes and bars if you don't want to buy them. You can just click a button and it gives alternate food suggestions. Amy recommended probiotics and kefir. I looked both up on the web. I am going to incorporate specially formulated yogurt and I found cereal that has it in it as well. Once I looked around the store for probiotics and I was surprised at how many different products you can now find it in. Maybe it will help me curb my cravings for carbs. I think that just shrinking my stomach a little by not eating so much will also help! As for kefir- I think I will wait on that. I'm not sure how it tastes. Do you like the taste Amy? Today, Saturday, I woke up and spent an hour and 15 minutes mowing the lawn. Seriously, we have quite a bit of grass and it takes me that long to mow it all. Ryan and I have an agreement that I will mow the yard because it is good exercise. After that I weeded for a few minutes until I realized I needed to be careful and not over do things. I also started to follow the slim fast menu today and did pretty well! I was very hungry by the end of the day and so I had a couple of extra snacks- blueberries and about a half-cup of chocolate ice cream. I didn't have a ton of crackers and snacks like I usually do. One thing I noticed though was by 11 am I was totally wiped out and had no energy. I decided to take a nap on the couch. The feeling didn't go away by the time I woke up fully. I had about an hour of not very restful sleep since the kids and Ryan's workers were coming and going. I know that I probably am a little hypo-glycemic (low blood sugar) and so I made sure to eat lunch right away. I will have to make sure that I am careful about loosing energy when I am doing my daycare. That would not be good! I have a small stash of candy- mostly saltwater taffy if I need a quick sugar boost. I think I did pretty good though for my first couple of days of changing my habits.


Mama Nirvana said...

I mix my kefir in the blender with frozen fruit, and a banana and unsweetened organic yogurt with a scoop of sugar-free protein powder. Mike drinks his shake as a meal.

I grow the kefir on my kitchen counter. Do you know anyone who has a grain? It's very cheap that way.


Anna's Spot said...

You can get your own kefir grain from the It is easy to grow on your own and you can add your own flavors. I also make my own yogurt. You might also find the anti-inflammatory diet interesting. Good luck. Love your blog.

Julie said...

Thanks Amy and Anna. I am looking more into this!

Anonymous said...

I used to drink kefir all the time as a kid! Of course, my mom is a health nut and managed a health food co-op back then. I'm interested in knowing if you find a solution to the tiredness. I find that's the hardest thing to deal with. I can't just take a nap. I work 30 hours a week at the flower shop, 3-6 hours a week(another whole day with the commute) on a friend's yard and will be teaching one day a week starting in only 3 weeks. I'm already exhausted and don't really know how to cut back on food too. It takes a lot of energy and dedication to change one's diet. Keep at it. You can do hard things [I like that motto]. - Shay

Anna's Spot said...

I hope I am not butting in. I have chronic fatigue associated with the toxic mold that was in my home. I find for Shays question the best thing for fatigue is adding exercise to your life. It sounds hard especially when you are working so much. But even a 30minute walk, 5 days a week will help. Good Luck Shay. Your welcome Julie. Hope you are having a beautiful day.