Tuesday, August 12, 2008

White Trash

This recipe is not for those trying to eat healthy! It comes from my sis-in-law Katie who got it from her sister Lindsay. It has been called other things but Katie and I both like the name "White Trash".


One package of white almond bark

2 cups of already shelled, salted peanuts

5 cups Golden Grahams Cereal

2 cups pretzel sticks (Katie and I both use about 4 cups for the salty flavor)


Melt bark, mix together all of the ingredients in a big bowl until well coated. Spread on wax paper until cool. Break apart and store in an air tight container.


Heidi said...

Thats fat free right!!? LOL! Looks delicious. :)

Heidi C. said...

That looks yummy! I bet my boys would love it. I'll have to try it out sometime for a FHE treat.
Thanks for sharing. Thank-you for all of your sweet comments on our blog. Julie you are such a genuine person. I admire you and I am so happy we have gotten back in touch with each other.

Anna's Spot said...

Wow, wish I could eat that without getting seriously sick :(