Sunday, August 3, 2008

My Facebook Profile

On my Facebook profile there is a place where you can enter something about you that you are doing or thinking at the moment. Usually it is only a sentance long- or two. Here is mine for the next couple of days. It pretty much sums up my feelings. "Julie is hungry- avoiding the kitchen is hard work. Does that count as exercise?"


Diane Jaggi said...

Julie -I am there with you! Losing weight is the hardest thing to do. It took me a yr to lose most of Matt's baby weight. I do not look forward to waiting that long for these extra lbs to fall off. When I start to diet my body just craves what I am not giving it. I can make it a few days but by the weekend when my husband is eating a handfuls of chocolates, chips and soda - I go crazy and I eat a dozen cookies in one sitting. I am in the same boat - keep working hard. I will think of you while I keeping my hands off all the yummy things that really want to join my hips and butt.
PS - I should of sent a invitation to all that live in UT - silly me just forgot. Forgive me!!!

Heidi said...

Julie one thing that really helped me be succesful was pre prep work. I always had a bag of celery sticks to munch on or carrot sticks. Even cucumber slices or brocoli are great to have around too. I was whining to a friend about how hard dieting was and she said "well you can do hard things Heidi". So I'll say it to you, "you can do hard things Julie". Hang in there.We're all rooting for you.