Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Weight Loss Update

I lost 2 lbs according to my scale yesterday! Those have been the hardest for me to loose. My body seemed to be set on staying at the weight it was. Now, I hope it has reset itself to keep on loosing. I have done very well keeping with the food plan. I like having the freedom to substitute something if I want. I also been able to keep up with doing some sort of exercising for atleast 30 minutes a day. Today we went swimming. Yesterday I did a mix of pilates (20 minutes) and a lot of housework. Now for the honesty session. It is very hard to be around food constantly and not eat it. My littlest one Dallin is supposed to gain weight since he is isn't even on the weight chart. Since he can't have milk, I can't fatten him up with cheese etc. He has to have lots of snacks. In the past I have just eatten them with him. Now, you add my daycare into the mix and then I am exposed to many high caloric foods. With the daycare federal food program, I am required to give meals that are approved by a dietician with the company I work with. The meals are supposed to have more calories than what an adult needs because growing children need more. I used to just eat what the kids were having, but of course it was way more calories than I should eat. So, now when they are eating, I just eat my diet food and maybe let myself have a bite of something from their meal. Way less calories and fat than I was previously eating. As far as my energy is concerned, I am more tired than usual. I think it has to do with several things but I know if I drank more water, it would help. Water just isn't tasting good to me the past few days so I started putting just a little Vita-splash mixed in with it and now I seem to drink more! Vita Splash has no sugar, lots of vitamins and comes in little packets that you add to water. It has so much flavor that I don't use but one packet every couple of days. If someone wanted to use it for the vitamins, you would need to follow the directions. I'm just using it for the flavor. At this point, whatever works for me I'll do- within reason!


Heidi said...

YAY 2 lbs Julie! I'm happy for you. We're all rooting for you.