Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Camping at Moon Lake

This gorgeous rock formation was located about 10 miles south of Moon Lake.
As you get closer to the lake, you go through some tribal lands that let the animals have free range. This was the first time on our trip to see cows in the road. It wasn't the last! Just look beyond the cow and see the beautiful view!
This was the view of the lake from our camp site. It was a beautiful setting!
This was another view right at our campsite. The opening in the fence was how we got down to the water. The next day as Ryan was taking the kids to gather firewood, I saw two deer come bounding up right towards me between the opening in the fence. I was startled and pointed and yelled "deer"!!! Ryan stopped the van and the kids saw the deer. Sampson started barking at them and they turned around and ran back into the forest. They came at me so fast, that I was scared. I probably scared them as well when I yelled. Later on, you will see pictures of the same two deer in our camp. Tyler and Dallin staring at the fire. It was Dallin's first big fire and he was leary of it- good thing!

Sydney also staring at the fire! We roasted hotdogs and made smores each night. The kids loved cooking on the fire. We even had trout for breakfast each morning. There was other foods to eat, but Sydney loved eating the trout that we caught. She loved fishing and went at least twice a day. Tyler caught quite a few fish as well. He loved playing in the mud/sand at the beach area. Dallin wanted to follow everyone to the lake whenever anyone left. This is why we chose a site away from the water, but it had a great view! Sampson loved going into the water and fetching sticks! All of us were so happy to have him with us so that he could be a water dog. I had looked forward for a long time to taking him to a lake. Unfortunatly, the lake has bugs called Buffalo Flies that has a bite worse than a mosquito. Sampson was bitten terribly by the time we looked at his stomach that first night. He had many big welts from where the bugs ate him up. We had to put deet on him just to keep him safe. Poor thing. Luckily the mosquitos were very few in number.

The mornings were cool but when the sun came up, it was refreshing.

Tyler trying to warm up in the morning.

This picture of a moose was taken on the last day but it wasn't the first moose we saw. The first day we saw a female moose drinking. The second day we saw probably the same female moose but this time she had a baby moose with her. The third day we saw the male moose in the same area as the female that we had seen before.

One of two lizards that Ryan caught on our trip. When you flip it over, it has a bright blue stripe down its belly.

This porcupine wandered near our camp when the kids were fishing with Ryan. I grabbed the camera and Dallin and followed at a safe distance. It was sure ugly and slow.

This doe wandered in between our camp site and the neighboring camp site.

A minute later I saw her fawn. They took off together into the bush. We had a great time camping and the kids said it was the best camping trip ever. Next time we will be getting a bigger tent though. Fitting five of us in a small dome tent didn't work very well. We managed to get some sleep but we could have been more comfortable. I thought Ryan had packed a smaller tent for Tyler and Sydney to sleep in with Sampson. I guess he thought we could all fit in the one tent! Sampson slept in the van instead. I fought off being sick with a bad cold but I am glad I went!