Sunday, August 10, 2008

Healthy Eating

What an interesting thing it is to change your diet. I have been tempted so often it's not funny. I have driven past fast-food restaurants a couple of times this week without stopping. When I was grocery shopping, at the checkout I was tempted to grab a candy bar. I bought a pack of tic-tacs instead! Even if I ate the whole pack at once, it would only be 70 calories verses a 220 calorie candy bar. Of course I didn't eat the pack all at once. I just had a few pieces. I even bought happy meals for Dallin and Sydney on Saturday, but only a water for myself!!! I had already had an early (healthy)lunch but Sydney rushed us out the door to see the pets at Petsmart before I fed her and her brother. I did eat a couple of fries and a nugget that Dallin didn't want. That is still waaaaaay less calories than what I normally would have eaten if I didn't start to change my eating habits. I'm a sucker for chicken sandwiches and I love to add a slice of cheese to them. Tonight the diet plan called for veggie burgers with a slice of cheese and whole wheat bun and a yummy fresh green bean skillet recipe that includes teryaki sauce and garlic. The veggie burgers were okay but I really liked the green bean recipe. The veggie burgers use soy as the main protein. They were only a hundred calories for a patty. Later this week we are going camping and so this will be a challenge to eat healthy. I plan to pre-make redbeans and rice using our pink beans from our home storage. If we go out to eat, I will get a salad. Or I can just eat a meal bar and add something like a small bag of fries:). We'll see.


Heidi said...

Julie you're doing awesome. It's those little changes that make the big differences. I'm excited for you.

The Gatherums said...

Great job Julie. I wished I had read your blog, five minutes earlier. Before I sat down to a bowl of I-- ----m.
Well, keep up the good work and I wish you healthy results.

Dianne K. Nelson said...

Well Hello There! I do remember you! Thanks for adding me to your blogroll--what an honor!

I just wanted to say "Keep up the Good Work!"